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SHI Guifen (Silvia) Science Group leader and teacher

Doctor of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China. Published many academic papers in international core journals and has been engaged in international education since graduation. Years of experience in teaching and management.

Has in-depth studies on AP physics 1, 2, AP physics C, SAT Physics, IGCSE and A level physics. Exceedingly good at summarizing and refining knowledge content, simplifying the complexity, pursuing the internal logic of the theory of all things, and constantly delving into the teaching methods, trying to find the teaching ways that adapt to different students. Rigorous teaching attitude with humorous teaching style. Pays particular attention to helping cultivate the students’ comprehensive ability.

Education concept: "Study step by step, and we find the truth together".

Teaching direction: A level Physics.

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HEFEI NO.6 HIGH SCHOOL AP/Cambridge A Level International Curriculum Center


Address:CollegeBoard AP/ Cambridge A Level International Curriculum Center, International Department of Hefei No. 6 High School (South district), No. 397 Changjiang Road, Luyang District, Hefei

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