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Chinese and foreign scholars gathered in Hefei six - 2017 Cambridge International English teaching Symposium successfully held

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On December 11th, 2017 Cambridge International English Teaching Seminar was held in Hefei No.6, including educational expert Professor Du Xiaoming, invited guest Ivan Sorrentino, director of Hefei Sixth International Department Zhou Mingfa, and director of Cambridge Center He Fang, including English teacher Nearly a hundred people attended the seminar.

It is understood that this 2017 Cambridge International English Teaching Seminar will be jointly organized by Cambridge University Press and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press to provide English teaching pedagogies in Anhui with teaching public welfare training. During the one-day seminar, distinguished guests and teachers gave their views on "Cambridge International English Teaching Philosophy Practice in China" to present and interpret the latest trends and new trends in today's international English teaching, and to help teachers Enhance professional knowledge and learn the practice of cutting-edge English teaching concept in the classroom.

At the beginning of the seminar, teacher Du Xiaoming brought the keynote speech on "Core Literacy and English Teaching and Curriculum Reform" first. Du Xiaoming is a standing director of the Foreign Language Teaching Committee of the National Institute of Education, deputy director of the National Basic Education Foreign Language Teaching and Research Center, and vice chairman and secretary general of the Foreign Language Teaching Committee of Anhui Province Education Association. In his speech, Du Xiaoming explained his decades of experience from the aspects of "New Curriculum, New College Entrance Examination, How to Set New Core Competence Requirements for Primary and Middle School English Class", "Developing Key Future Skills" and "Course Content Structure" And experience, so that the presence of teachers benefit.

Just as everyone is still afloat Du teacher speech, Cambridge University Press, China Region Director Ivan Sorrentino bring "analysis of the development trend of academic English" keynote speech. Ivan Sorrentino, a graduate of Cambridge University, speaks five languages and has taught English in Spain, Japan and other countries. Ivan, who came to Hefei for the first time, described the past and present of academic English in two aspects: the trend of academic English and the cultivation of students' values in language teaching. Professor Ivan Sorrentino sums up a number of solutions, including increasing students' English learning time and establishing a learning pyramid structure, ie memorizing, comprehending, using, analyzing, evaluating and creating. At the same time, he advocates teachers to avoid boring grammar in the classroom as much as possible Teaching and more use of images, video clips to enhance the fun of the course, to enhance students enthusiasm for learning English. Prof. Ivan Sorrentino's speech is funny and rich in quotation of positive evidence, which has led to the presence of nodding teachers.

During the seminar, Wang Li, director of teaching at the Cambridge Center for AP / Cambridge ALevel International Curriculum from the 6th International Department of Hefei, China, gave a well-prepared open class. Wang Li graduated from the University of Sydney, Master of Translation and Interpretation, is a senior interpreter in Shanghai. In the open class, Ricky leverages a rich and varied teaching style, such as video, pictures, and situational dialogues, to quickly introduce students to classroom instruction and instill knowledge into students with flexibility.

At the end of the symposium, He Fang, head of the AP / Cambridge A level program center of the International Department of the Sixth Middle East in Hefei, delivered a keynote speech on "Cultivating Six Internationalized Talents in China". He Fang, as an old teacher with more than a decade of teaching experience, combined with his own teaching experience, offered many good strategies for the present young English teachers. In the light of the problems encountered in the daily teaching process in the six schools, Choice and other aspects of communication with the presence of experts.

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