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Six Harvard Patriarch, Chinese and Western ring Cambridge - Cambridge Center 2018 Art Carnival come to an end

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Six Harvard Patriarch, Chinese and Western ring Cambridge - Cambridge Center 2018 Art Carnival come to an end




Chia boy,

Ambition and ambition.

Cambridge teenage Harvard heroic symphony,

Chizha International Education dream.


With the hexamerous eventful years,

Peaches and plums.

For a thousand years,

Six in Cambridge summer,

Hard, willing to learn.


All along, Harvard University represents the world's elite education, is the dream of the world's young students to study Temple, its campus culture and cultural atmosphere to attract outstanding young people in the world. On the afternoon of January 7, Harvard Choir and all six students from Cambridge International Department presented a listening and visual gluttonous feast for the audience at Hefei Grand Theater. Hefei Sixth Middle School Principal Security Guard, Vice President Zhang Wei, Director of International Department Zhou Mingfa, Hefei Sixth Middle East Center Director of Cambridge Liu Li, Cambridge Center Principal He Fang and a number of municipal junior high school leaders attended this art carnival activities.


On-site, Hefei Sixth Middle School Headmaster Bao Anbao delivered the opening speech for the art carnival. He said Harvard students' visit to the 6th is a very good innovation and exploration. Students can not only enjoy the outstanding performances of the world's top elite choir from the art field, but also learn from the study life and life planning to Harvard students They seek advice, learn, can serve multiple purposes. Is an all-round, multi-level, colorful international exchange activities.


Hefei Sixth Middle School Headmaster Bao security to the opening speech

At the same time, he made an affirmation on the achievements of Hefei VI International Department. Hefei Sixth Middle East Cambridge Center as the first Cambridge ALEVEL Curriculum Center in Hefei, the only double A gold medal course center, running more than a year since, in all aspects Have made great achievements. May 2017 For the first time to participate in the Cambridge ALevel global exam, excellent rate of 90% or more. Toya score constantly refreshing. Tang Jiu-hong, one of the best graduates of the 2017 session, won eight U.S. offers and eventually chose to attend the Ivy League University of Rochester which ranked 32 in the United States. 2018 multinational applications, up to now received the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and other world famous 15 offer, of which the world's top 30 schools offer three.


Drum "Fearless armor"

 English drama "The Great Gatsby"

 English drama "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

 Chorus "Chengdu"


Piano Dance "Butterfly Lovers"

Subsequently, the performance kicked off with a dynamic drum set playing "Huo Yuan Jia". The English drama "The Gatsby Compared to", "A Midsummer Night's Dream," the International Department of Cambridge students pure Oral English, professional performance, high-end atmosphere, the international paradise interpretation of children most vividly. Guzheng ensemble "a thousand years back", the piano dance "Butterfly Lovers" elegant and refined, fresh and beautiful, it is intoxicated. Chorus "Chengdu", solo "There for you" detonated the students applause and chorus. The scene full of innovative programs brilliant, set off another round of orgasm.


Double dance "Choi Wan of the South"


Aerobics - aerobic dance


Peking Opera "Sannv scattered flowers"


Band "Rhapsody in Croatia Pirates of the Caribbean"

Among them, six of the middle-grade department's double dance "South of Choi Wan," award-winning aerobatic dance about to compete in the international competitions, the national opera Peking Opera "Pigeon scattered flowers", the band "Croatian Rhapsody Pirates of the Caribbean," all reflect Six high school students superb skills, all aspects of artistic temperament and vibrant spirit.


Harvard Choir

It is worth mentioning, of course, the performance of the Harvard Choir. Founded in 1975, the Harvard Choir performed for the inauguration of U.S. President Clinton in 1993. Live Harvard Choir's little friends brought nearly 10 American classic songs, "The Lion King theme song", "Harvard Rugby match cheer song." In addition, only two Chinese members of the Harvard Choir, but also specifically learn a Chinese pop song "Confessions balloon", won the audience applause, the event to the climax.


Harvard Choir

The Carnival of the Arts fully demonstrated the endless charm and boundless vitality of the six cultures and six sentiments in terms of program composition, contents, forms, and cast members, and comprehensively highlighted the characteristics and international education of the six inter-ministerial departments. Among the 24 programs that lasted 3 hours, there are vivid and graceful dance performances, magnificent, soothing and melodious instrumental performances, pleasant and full-bodied song concerts, touching and mild melodious Poetry recitation, vibrant, youthful aerobics, as well as full acting English drama. Finally, Harvard students and Harvard students from the 6th International Festival of Cambridge in the 2018 Art Carnival celebrated the successful completion of the "Hi, Jude" chorus of teachers and students in the audience.


Piano solo "100 birds toward Phoenix" 


English poetry reading




Modern dance


Chorus "Hey, Jude"


In order to allow more people to feel this high-profile, international performance Fanfan, Hefei live online throughout the event, Hefei online site, Hefei 365 news client, Hefei online microblogging and other platforms for multi-directional live broadcast. In addition to more than 1,500 spectators at the scene, they were able to experience this art carnival at close quarters. According to statistics, nearly 200,000 netizens watched the live video of the show online.


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