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Cambridge Center: "words" to carry, "song" to Wing Chi - Harvard students dialogue six Cambridge Sharing Session successfully held

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Cambridge Center: "words" to carry, "song" to Wing Chi - Harvard students dialogue six Cambridge Sharing Session successfully held

"Have friends come from afar, enjoy themselves?" January 3, Hefei ushered in the first snow in 2018, but also will be coming a long way from the Harvard Xunba group, welcomed six Hefei campus.



At ten o'clock in the morning, the Harvard School of Hegemony came to Hefei on time, the headmaster of Hefei Sixth Security, Hefei Sixth Vice-Chancellor Zhang Wei, Hefei Sixth Middle School Cambridge Center President He Fang and Cambridge Center students all the way from afar Harvard learning tyrants.


Hefei Sixth Middle School Headmaster Bao Anbao welcomed the "Xueba Tuan" coming from afar and hoped that they would let them know and share their valuable learning experiences with their 6th classmates and help their 6th middle school students to fly their dreams of studying. The Harvard Choir performed a Chinese pop song "Confession Balloon" with live vocal accompaniment, expressing thanks for the courtesy provided in the sixth.



When visiting the six Cambridge Center, Harvard hegemony have entered the classroom in Cambridge Center to share with students. At the same time, students at Cambridge Center are also unambiguous. While demonstrating their academic achievements, they show traditional Chinese culture and their interests to Harvard's elders. They have full exchange of English and lively life.





The warmth of the exchange in the classroom has not yet dissipated, the people walked into the 2018 Harvard School Dialogue Cambridge in six sharing sessions with six high school students to share their learning experiences and study abroad skills.



Sharing Session Opening, Zhang Wei, Vice-Chancellor of Hefei No.6, delivered a speech for this event. First of all, he welcomed the Harvard XTCT from afar on the Hefei VI. He said that this Harvard student's visit to the 6th Middle School is a very good innovation and exploration. Students can not only enjoy the outstanding performances of the world's top elite choir from the art field, but also learn from Harvard students about their life and life planning They seek advice, learn, can serve multiple purposes. Is an all-round, multi-level, colorful international exchange activities.

At the same time, he also affirmed the achievement of the Sixth Central University of Cambridge in Hefei this year. Since its establishment more than a year ago, the Cambridge Center for International Education at the Sixth Middle East in Hefei has made great achievements in all aspects. May 2017 For the first time to participate in the Cambridge ALevel global exam, excellent rate of 90% or more. Toya score constantly refreshing. Tang Jiu-hong, one of the best graduates of the 2017 session, won eight U.S. offers and eventually chose to attend the Ivy League University of Rochester which ranked 32 in the United States. 2018 multinational applications, up to now received the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and other world famous 15 offer, of which the world's top 30 schools offer three.



In the following interview, the students in the six groups cherished the chance to talk with Harvard students and raised their hands to seek advice from Harvard's seniors.

When asked about what did not fit into Harvard at first, Amy, a junior member of the choir this year, said that while walking into Harvard for the first time, he did not see the image of many nerdy people, but everyone was busy developing himself interest.

Speaking of interest and expertise, the conductor of the choir's music: Luran He took over the microphone quickly, he believes that people who consider studying in Harvard, the performance will not be poor, to make oneself stand out from the crowd is the interest and expertise, Harvard Examiner also value this point. He suggested that students should find what they really love, love and passion to make their classmates enjoy the learning process more.

When asked about what kind of students Harvard prefers, Harvard student Liao Guan-chen said entering the world-class universities requires more than just grades and extracurricular activities. He suggested that students should find what they really love, love and passion to make their classmates enjoy the learning process more.


The music is this group of hegemony hobby, all kinds of classical music fascinated them, warmly invited by the students at the scene, Harvard Choir improvising Qing presented two classical music, attracted everyone clapping their hands praised.




 Upcoming Events: 2018 Art Carnival


Time: January 7, 2018, 14:00

Location: Hefei Grand Theater (Swan Lake District Government)

Content: Hefei Sixth Middle School Cambridge Center will work together with Harvard students at the Hefei Grand Theater, "Rhythm Harvard, Six Moves," 2018 Art Carnival. All teachers and students in the center of Cambridge will participate in the competition and will perform a series of excellent programs. At that time, they will show their classmates their rich artistic talent and leave a deep impression on their high school life.


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