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2017 Hefei six in the International Department of the Cambridge Center for admissions

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AP/ Cambridge A Level International Curriculum Center

Open double A international gold medal in six courses of Hefei International Center of Cambridge, the American high school curriculum curriculum (+AP authorization code: 694654) and Cambridge Alevel program (authorized code: CN713) two gold international course for the wings, to help students realize the diversification and export guarantee. Small class teaching, first-class teachers, strict management, one-stop personalized education guidance, helping Anhui excellent students into the international first-class universities.

Characteristic of running a school

1. American high school curriculum +AP and the world recognition of the two major international gold medal courses in the Cambridge Alevel course

2. A teaching team led by a subject leader and a doctor

3. Evaluation of the process of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, individualized teaching of tutor system

4. the integration of China and the West and the cultivation of quality

5, multiple export diversification

6. the teaching promotion is synchronized and integrated, the coming of the coming, the export of the promotion is guaranteed

7. the whole course of the standardized examination teaching, the seamless connection of examination, teaching and promotion

8. training hard wings to fly, the quality and quantity of successful study

Enrolment method

Telephone registration

Dialing: 0551-62858206, 18156000530, 15656073199


Site registration: please go to the Yangtze River Road No. 397, Hefei six (South) branch building center of Cambridge Hefei six Cambridge 3F ALevel/ AP international course Center

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