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Cambridge Center: experience the English learning atmosphere to sign a friendly school

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In order to broaden the international vision of teachers and students and enhance the diversified development of students, during the winter vacation, Green and Zhang Wei, vice president of Hefei sixth middle school, should be invited by the British Academy of Sciences. At the same time, the International Department of the Cambridge center in six to carry out the "natural leader, the world famous" 2018 winter UK research activities, he enrolled in the local high school English, English classroom learning experience out of the ordinary.

Green college, founded in 1967, is the oldest school of education in Oxford. Green Institute of education is looking for the best tutor in University of Cambridge to provide high quality teaching. Its educational system is built on the University of Cambridge education guidance system. Up to now, the school has helped and improved 15000 students. Six teachers and students visited the campus, walked into the English secondary school class and learned the IELTS skills. China and Britain have held many teachers' forum activities. The theme is "Sino British teaching exchange", "high school level Chinese culture promotion teaching exchange", "the difference between Chinese and British education methods". Yu Lianghai and Green online education director of the school of education exchange online online teaching experience, sharing teaching management and student activity organization experience. Dean and chapter presidents Green Institute for the school management and the cultivation of students' autonomous learning experiences the enthusiasm, is the theme of how to make high school students high class "discussion with Green, all the teachers, after the start and Green College of education signed a" friendship school".

Hefei six also with the British public schools signed "Di Dechert friendship school", to establish relations of cooperation and exchange. The Didcot public schools from the beginning of 70s two schools merged, and Language Institute and enterprise college qualification in 2006, now the school to accommodate 1381 students. Mr Huawei is currently the headmaster of the school, the school is also a famous middle school Basailuomiu former president. Four days, six students in Cambridge center of the middle class, and the interaction between teachers and students English distance, learning English courses, experience classroom culture in britain. Di Dechter, the head of the public school, warmly welcomed the arrival of Zhang Chancellor and Chinese students. The two sides held a cultural exchange of "China Japan". Six Chinese students from the Cambridge center in the international ministry have carefully prepared the representative Chinese traditional literature and art programs, such as Tai Chi and national dance. In a warm and harmonious atmosphere, the students beautiful music and magnificent dance, attracted the audience the teachers and students of the bursts of applause and cheers. This cultural exchange six not only disseminate the unique charm of Chinese culture to the English teachers and students, but also show the Chinese students' demeanor. The spirit of learning experience and English school practice, six teachers will learn advanced practice in the construction and management of school curriculum, information technology and other aspects of the British education and outstanding achievements, learning from international experience in education, teachers to develop international vision, to further enhance the level of education and teaching in six.

In from February 1st to 14th more than 10 days of study life, the center of Cambridge with the students experience the exotic local customs and practices in President He Fang and teacher He Tingting Liu Panpan, under the leadership of teachers, of different educational models, with a buddy, increase of knowledge, rich experience. Through the transfer learning, students' knowledge and experience of the British middle school English, English listening and speaking ability has been greatly improved, learning style has a very good reference. While experiencing the English learning atmosphere, students feel more deeply about the UK, understand the history and culture of the UK, improve their comprehensive quality, and also open up an international perspective.

Cambridge Center for the students into the University of Cambridge, experience the British elite campus culture immersion school atmosphere, feel the pinnacle of education; to visit the British Museum, the former residence of Shakespeare, the ancient Rome Town, Bath Beach, Stonehenge, about British history and culture; IELTS, experience is not the same as pro forma experience, get a single 8 points good grades; middle class, feel the atmosphere of learning English education. This research study trip to Cambridge Center for teachers and students is not only the knowledge and understanding of the exotic places customs, culture and education, also caused a lot of thinking. International research can broaden their international perspective, to strengthen the students' intercultural communicative competence; at the same time, the school should let students participate in more social practice, cultivate students' self-care ability, stimulate students' thinking ability, to enable students to form a more rational, Dialectical Cognition and practice.

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