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Shanghai, the year, Anji and Rui's winter vacation!

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The Cambridge center of the six central and International Department of Hefei actively responds to the requirements of the AFS project to organize students to participate in various activities. At the beginning of the winter vacation, Italy youth Adriano (Anji) and American little girl Fritzi (Rudi), under the guidance of Nina teacher, came to the long-awaited international metropolis -- Shanghai, and began six days and five nights of cultural, architectural and delicious food tour.

Their departure from Hefei station, two students have experienced several times of high iron China advanced services, so the tickets, stop, on the train, especially qingjushulu. High speed rail way quickly and steadily, arrived in Shanghai with the fresh air after snow and a rare winter sun to welcome them.

In Shanghai, the "top priority" of the two students was to meet with AFS students from other cities in the country. Through the previous trip to Yunnan, students from all over the country have made a deep friendship. This is also the reason why they are looking forward to the trip to Shanghai, and we can finally reunite with the young partners who are thinking about it. They visited the magnificent Jingan Temple, exquisite Jiangnan garden Yu Garden, visited Town God's Temple had huge crowds of people, Baozi Stuffed with Juicy Pork, duck fans, Stinky tofu, fried Spring rolls, Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork etc. all kinds of snacks in Shanghai zoo gobble down, with the giant panda photo, in the oriental pearl tower overlooking the night view of the Bund, also found a very authentic Italian restaurant, eat to Anji he "authentic". Everyone is playing in the bustling streets and small lanes of Shanghai. Although the weather was cold, their enthusiasm was as hot as a sunny day.

The most talked on the way is the experience in China. How to learn Chinese, how fun the dialect is, what's the habit and the fun of their host families, what's fun and tasty in their respective cities. Everyone has experienced similar embarrassment, but also reap the same warmth, more adapt to China, more like China.

The six days are fleeting, and they are reluctant to embrace each other with their friends and invite each other to their own city. Anji Rui Di and also is also a bit childish Chinese remember the travel diary, simple words with profound meanings.

They also celebrated the Spring Festival with their host families, the most important festival for the Chinese. Anji dumplings, Rui Di watched the Spring Festival Gala, together with a total of relatives, touched by the warm atmosphere.

For Anji and Rui, the key word for this winter holiday must be "Reunion". A reunion with friends from around the world, and Chinese family reunion, as Anji wrote in his diary, "(Spring Festival) is one of the best, even as a foreigner can not fully understand the significance of family reunion, you can still be into that deep and warm atmosphere."

Radi's Shanghai diary:

Today we are in Shanghai.

We see Justin and his friends.

Let's go to Jingan Temple together.

Then in the evening we ate the pizza in Italy.

I think there are a lot of foreigners in Shanghai.

I look at Gustavo today.

I like fried noodles very much.

Let's go to Yu Garden.

Shanghai (it is) a big city.

I'm out alone today.

I went to see Elisa and Justin so we went together.

I think it's fun today.

We go to the Jade Buddha Temple (Wat Haw Pha Kaew), but the door is closed.

So we go to The Bund (the Bund) and Nanjing road.

I like today.

Today we go to the zoo.

The zoo is very interesting.

I see (see) wolves, cats, and pandas.

In the afternoon we go to Oriental Pearl Tower (Oriental Pearl TV Tower).

I look at Marine.

Let's go to my hotel.

I look at the movie Coco with Gustavo.

Today I go out with the Italian.

We went to Jingan Temple, but I walked out of the temple.

We go to Nanjing road in the afternoon.

I buy dumplings.

I came back to the hotel early because my friend was in bad health.

I'm going out alone today because I want to see Shanghai.

I see (very) a lot of beautiful clothes but it's very expensive.

I go to the bank by subway.

I see Shanghai alone so I think I'm at home.

I think I need to go out alone because I can practice my Chinese.

I miss my friends and I hope I can come back, so we can play together.

Rui's Spring Festival diary:

The Spring Festival is delicious, red, and family. I think the people in the country celebrate more. But I stayed in Hefei, so I couldn't see the fireworks. But I still like the new year, because I can eat a lot of banquets. I couldn't finish the show, probably only a hour, because we are in place to eat a meal dinner. The Chinese family sent me a red bag, and I was surprised and surprised. I saw a lot of relatives I haven't seen before, and some of them were just passing their birthday, so my family bought three different cakes to celebrate. In general, I know how different Chinese families celebrate the Spring Festival.

 Spring Festival was food, red packets, and family. I know that people celebrate it better far from the city. I stayed in Hefei so, I didn't get to see any fireworks.

  However,  I liked it because there were lots of meals. I didn't see the whole gala just like 1 hour of it because we kept moving to a new place to eat.

  My family gave me some red packets and I was shocked because I thought I wasn't going to get any. I met new family members that I have never seen before. There were also many birthdays my family celebrated about 3 different cakes I ate.

  Overall, it made me see the difference between how my family celebrates New Year and how Chinese people celebrate New Year.

The Shanghai diary of Anji:

The Spring Festival diary in Anji:

This holiday I can put down the pressure of the school and take a good time. At the beginning of the winter holiday, I went to Shanghai, where I saw my friends who had been studying in the north for a long time. Shanghai is a very international city, and we have a special fun together. We went to a lot of interesting spots, and we also praised the weather in Shanghai.

When to return to Hefei soon to the Spring Festival, I found that this is a family and friends family reunion day, there are a variety of delicious fun. We went back to Zhou Fujie's father's home and reunited with relatives who did not move to Hefei. Best of all, even as a foreigner can't fully understand the meaning of reunion, you can still be in that deep and warm atmosphere. The experience of this winter vacation broadened my horizons and increased my experience. These experiences make me more like the beautiful country of China.

During this holiday I could relax from the school's stress and at the real beginning of this period I've managed to go on a trip to Shanghai where, after a long time, I was able to meet again my friends from the North. We haf a ton of fun there, visiting the cosmopolitan city that is Shanghai and staying toghether. We've seen a lot of interesting places and appreciated the environment. Once I returned to Hefei it was nearly time for the Spring Festival. I've figured out that in this period all relatives and familiars find the time and the way to meet up and enjoy the time toghether with food and games of any kind. We even went to my host family's native city in order to get with some relatives which didn't move to Hefei. Although, the best of it was this deep warm feeling that even if you may not understand or be a foreigner, you can still feel being part of it. All in all this holidays made my eyes "open" and let me understand things that maybe I couldn't before. Then again, my discoveries let me appreciate even more this wonderful country which is China.

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