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World Book Day | Learning the couplets; Enjoying the spring.

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This spring was filled with the rich odor of roses, and when the spring wind stirred amidst the trees of garden, there came the heavy scent of the lilac or the some curious dreams.

The students and teachers from Cambridge Center went on a journey to Xidi of Yellow Mountain to keep the appointment with the spring.

Along the flaggings, walking through the time between the ancient and the modern, we could just catch the gleam of the honey-sweet and honey-colored blossoms of a laburnum, whose tremulous branches seemed hardle able to bear the burden of a beauty so flame-like as theirs. People from all walks of life came and got together to appreciate this poetic spring.

On the first day, Mr. Yu, the superintendent of Institute of Huizhou Culture, carefully selected 5 pairs of couplets and talked about the ways of life for us. Those couplets hung on the pillars are the essence of wisdom of Huizhou people. Nowhere is comparable to Xidi, which is rich in history, and deep in culture.

The wind shook some bloosoms from the trees, and the heavy liiac-blooms, with their clustering stars, moved in the sweet air. After the couplets appreciation, we moved to the Pailou, and the reading began. Ms. Zhao, the announcer and producer of We Read, led us to read poems by famous poets and prosers in ancient China, such as Zhu Xi, Bai Juyi and Zhu Ziqing. All the youngsters, full of emotions, conveyed their understandings of spring and poems, using their own voices. Everyone absorbed nurtrients from the wisom of the ancient people through reading and appreciating the poems.  

“The peach tree is slender and sturdy; Flaming red are its blossoms.”

The Book of Songs and other famous works brought us into a world everyone dreams of. And this world is Yi Xian according to research.

On 22nd of April, Mr. Niu, Vice Principal of Hefei No.6 High School awarded a board of “Hefei No.6 High School Research Base”, and Mr. Sheng, the Vice President of Yi Xian Hui Huang Tourism Group, received it.

Mr. Niu said: “Since I came here, I had two feelings. First, we have to awe the Nature, and second we also need to awe culture and tradtions. Today, these students, who came from Cambridge Center, have both global visions and a sense of tradtional culture. We are striving to establish a platform for traditional culture education.”

He also said that it is better to educate by traveling and seeing through students’ own eyes than by just instilling information. Education is a challenge, and we can draw on experience from ancient people. Tourism is a great way. Couplets culture is broad and profound, which is the concentration of poems. They are short but full of wisdom, inspiring people to think. Hefei No. 6 High school looks forward to working with Xidi hand in hand, helping students grow and prosper.    

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