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About us

Hefei NO.6 High School CollegeBoard AP / Cambridge A Level International Curriculum Center is directly affiliated by Hefei No.6 High School. As a renowned high school in Anhui province, Hefei NO. 6 High School remains first-ranked in the National University Acceptance Rate and annually, wins the first place of Hefei Teaching Competitions.

To meet the globalization trend and cultivate students to develop and plan their future with global views and world insights, the school brought in the CollegeBoard AP / Cambridge A Level International Curriculum Center in the year of 2016, being the only school in Hefei hosting both Cambridge A Level(Center Code: CN713) and CollegeBoard AP(Course Code: 694654) pre-university courses. Cambridge A Level course is the national course system in UK, as well as the most-wildly accepted international course in global scale. A Level graduation can ensure grade certificate from Cambridge International Examinations committee, and a UK high school diploma. The school also holds American high school curriculum and AP courses. Students are conferred high school diploma from American Leadership Academy, promoting the school advantage. Hosting these two international courses can make sure that students can ready themselves on the academics and language preparation, helping them to access to the famous universities from around the world.

In order to be accepted by famous oversea universities, students should not only be academically prepared, but also be cultivated on their comprehensive abilities. Besides professional academic knowledge, we also organize various quality enhancements, club activities and series of passionate international competitions. These activities can both practice students integrated competence and lay a solid foundation for their future academic path.