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Curriculum advantage

Curriculum advantage

1.Six in the International Department of the United States AP/ Cambridge A Level International Curriculum Center is the new Hefei six Curriculum Center, is different from other international schools in Hefei?

In 2016, Hefei six set up the AP/ A A International Curriculum Center in the US, the only school in Hefei that opened Cambridge A Level and AP University in the early part of the International Curriculum Center in AP/. At the same time, two international courses are offered, which are complementary to each other. They can complement students' academic and language preparation before going abroad, and help them enter the world's higher learning institutions.

Cambridge A Level is the national curriculum system in Britain. It is also used internationally in many international courses. Learning A Level has been granted the sole school status certification. The examination is eligible, and the University Cambridge Examination Committee awarded the certificate of achievement, and received the British high school diploma. The center opened in the United States high school +AP courses, students graduated from high school in America offers diploma, students can improve the school advantages. AP courses are offered to help students improve their academic background, lay down the bottom layer, and complement each other in North American schools.

International high school courses required to study abroad, through learning in the school, need to participate in other various standardized tests. Such as: IELTS, Tofu, SAT or ACT, AP test. International students can freely choose whether to take part in the national examination and college entrance examination, and obtain the Chinese high school diploma.

2.What are the advantages of A Level in Cambridge? Are there any advantages in applying for a famous school?

The global high recognition of almost all the world by English speaking university accepts the A Level scores for admission, throughout the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Singapore and other popular countries and regions, including most American universities, such as Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and other schools in the world.

The world famous A Level astepping-stone to success course is astepping-stone to success to open the global elite, "high-end" certification exam, has been considered in Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Yale and other world-class elite "astepping-stone to success", by educational experts at home and abroad unanimously named as "more suitable for students Chinese international high school curriculum".

The difficulty is moderate and easy to get high score. A Level course is more difficult than other similar courses. Students who are good at science can choose mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects to stand out in competition with foreign students, and then be admitted to famous universities abroad.

The examination system is humanized A Level international curriculum examination, students can choose 3-4 doors according to their professional interest and ability, and eventually generate certificates of different majors or directions. If an exam is not satisfactory, students can enjoy preferential treatment, re examination and not like the national college entrance examination exam will be set for life. In addition, A Level questions rather than to ability problem of strange questions, so are more students to understand and grasp. In my center, there are many students who do not have outstanding results in the exam. Through the study of nearly a year, we have the strength to impact the A level.

Seamless university courses A Level international curriculum is the complete English school curriculum system, is a complete and authoritative international high school curriculum, the curriculum content covers not only the similar part of high school curriculum China, and increased with the content of University cohesion, which is equivalent to a large China course. Therefore, after studying A Level, they can directly enter undergraduate universities in Europe and America. In applying for British elite schools, they do not need to take any university preparatory course, and become a passport to enter the world university. Many famous schools in Britain do not approve of the preparatory results, only A Level results.

3.Only to study abroad, Australia, Canada, Hongkong and so on to choose the A Level course, to the United States should select the United States high +AP course, so the correct understanding?

This understanding is wrong and one-sided. From the perspective of international curriculum accreditation, if IB or A Level courses can be selected for outstanding students or academically prominent students, they will have more advantages to apply for the US.

The A Level course, an international accreditation course, is recognized by more than 12000 universities in more than 160 countries and is known as the golden key of the world's famous schools. At the same time, the A Level course, like IB and AP, can translate into American universities, so the choice of the A Level international course is more widely available. A Level when applying for the University of the United States, A Level global advantage is belongs to the examination, examination results can be obtained relatively trust, also has global comparability, A Level results in the application of Britain, Canada and Australia, Hongkong, the United States schools, including the Ivy League, has obvious advantages. It is a good choice for the outstanding students who are not sure of the foreign countries.

AP is not a globally unified curriculum system. AP course is an extra University pre credit course in American high schools, which is extra. So from the point of view of the American University, most of the students do not have to take the AP test. The AP test for a very good student to take part in the AP test under the power of learning can prove academic ability and the ability to accept challenges. It will greatly enhance its academic background and stand out in competition when applying for North American schools.

4.Since Cambridge's A Level course has a high degree of recognition, is it suitable for all students? Why do six of the A Level/AP centers in Cambridge also introduce American high school and AP courses?

It can't be generalized. If children have strong learning ability, good English level and strong learning ability, they may choose IB, A Level or AP. Hefei six Cambridge A Level global code CN713, AP global code 694654.

But if children are not in a good condition, if they choose international courses, especially IB and A Level have global comparable courses, if the result is poor, it will be more difficult to apply for American universities. The 50-100 universities in the United States have a relatively low level of acceptance of the GPA performance of the universities.

In 2016 the United States force Deshi high school officially in cooperation with Hefei six in the International Department of the Cambridge A Level/AP center, to build a high school curriculum China taxi force base.

America taxi is located in Arizona high school is a charter school, nearly 10000 students in reading, is one of the world's only 100 more than the "Light House" school leadership.

The students can obtain the American force when they graduate from school Deshi American high school graduation certificate, apply for North American schools lifting weights. In addition, the AP course can help students to learn further in the subject, to prove their learning ability and to sprint the famous North American schools.

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